They use the internal ESD diode between the CE chip enable input and ground for charging the Yx led cell from the solar panel, but also use the voltage or lack thereof from the solar panel to detect when it is dark enough to turn the LED on. Is that a white LED in there? Here is the circuit I am testing now using AC house voltage with a volt rated capacitor: A low power timer could turn the entire chip circuit on with a tilt or proximity switch too. It requires a solid cut object or it will not cut anything. Figure 5 Negative voltage generator.

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Solar panel charger with auto shutoff. Solar LED drivers. – Pete’s QBASIC Site

Calculate the resistor to use using: The Coilcraft Hexapath 6 winding HPHL has a winding inductance of uH so it fits right in the range of values listed in the table. The basic configurations in figures 2 and 3 drive the LED with pulses of current yx led the oscillator frequency.

The multiplication factor N is set by the resistor divider ratio. In science there is no authority. Use a power supply or the solar cell input voltage greater than 16 volts in full sun with a load on the regulator output where the battery will be.


An LED and resistor can be used as the load. However if Pin 1 is open or low it still draws 18 ma even when the LED is not in the circuit! Here is the circuit I am lee now using AC house voltage with a volt rated capacitor: This also keeps the op amp from oscillating on and off!

Add a diode when necessary.

Welcome to the forums CoSt. The LED may last thousands of hours, but the solder joints to the prongs don’t! Sell now – Have one to sell?


At these high frequencies, filter capacitor C 1 does not need to be very large, a 0. I removed the spring and old LED, soldered a coil to pins 2 and 4, LED anode to 4 and cathode to 3, plus switch to 2, common to 3, done!

Seller information e-visiontek People who viewed this item also viewed. Switching must be between the driver chip and the battery, otherwise the chip will drain the battery: Light to the night light photocell turns it off.

The regulation scheme proposed in the Lab is more complex but a simpler version can be made by adding just a couple of resistors and an NPN ledd to figure 4 which demonstrates the concept.


You can file this blog entry under exploring interesting bits of electronics hidden in everyday household items much like these two previous entries on using coin cell batteries and flickering LED candles.

The LS pin is really not necessary. Rectifying diode D 1 can be a standard diode such as a 1N but a more efficient choice for these low voltages would be a Schottky diode.

YX801 IC – what does it do

Mercury switches may be an option too. Here is a circuit to do that: I’ve left it on before! The 10 uf capacitor must be used!

It looks just like an ordinary transistor and in this circuit acts similar to one in yyx805 Joule thief. I tried it in my latest power failure prototype and it works like a charm and is very sensitive to changes in light: While the board indicates CDS for a photocell, it appears to be a flat topped diode.

I’ve never messed with batteries chemically. Sorry about the mess. The other IC has this number on it: