Connect headphones via a 3. Traktor DJ was last updated in June Open up a big reverb, a dubby delay, or a smooth filter to get your tracks popping during the mix. This new model is really focused on being mobile friendly, with a lighter weight, smaller footprint, and even a tease of iOS-centered functionality. Punch in cue points, and trigger loops or samples in Remix decks for live re-edits. Trigger one-shot sounds and samples to inject new energy into your mix. Get your mixes down super-quick:

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Stereo line and 3. Motorized Jog Wheels With Haptic….

See only the tools you need for your own DJ style with a flexible user interface. Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3: Connect a mic via the 6.

Jump to different tramtor of a track with cue points, depending on what the crowd needs. Automatic beatgrids and beat matching keep everything in sync, giving you more time to get creative in your mix.

Mix tracks, live inputs, Remix decks, Stems, and loops on up to four decks to create a unique sound. Plug in, line up a a2 of your favorite tracks, and get mixing wherever you are. Get the sound in your head through the speakers in seconds.

Traktor Pro 3 Coming In What We Know So Far. Low, medium, and high-band EQ on each channel with alternative classic DJ mixer models for any style.


Drag-and-drop them s remix decks to add a new dimension to your mix and expand its sonic palette. One-touch control over new Mixer FX with big DJ filters and effects for heavy drops and smooth transitions.

NI has the beginner DJs in mind here — they want great sounding FX options without the option to screw up the mix with too many wild FX.

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Find everything you need for quick mixing and expression, at your fingertips. Open up a big reverb, a dubby delay, or a smooth filter to get your tracks popping during the mix. Most aspiring DJs already have a phone or iPad — so if NI can deliver a complete iOS DJ system with just this controller, they could easily bill this as one of the cheaper ways to get started DJing without a laptop.

Craft sets on two decks and get creative with easy-to-use tools like looping, beat syncing, and club-grade effects. A choice of eight effects and three filters ensures you always have the right tools to hand. Easily create huge drops, dramatic buildups, and smooth transitions with dedicated one-knob FX.

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3: Insert vocals, melodies, atmospheric effects, and more into a remix traktoe to trigger and manipulate them in sync with the rest of your mix.


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As with the S4, the deck layout has been switched from a mirrored one to a more industry standard duplicate one — meaning all of the controls for each deck are in the same place — notably, the pitch fader trzktor always on the bottom right of the jogwheel.

These are new FX that are built into the channel strip, and can be selected instead of the traditional filter.

Not compatible with the current version of Traktor DJ. They can be used for classic jog wheel control, or switched into a beatgrid adjustment mode for quickly setting and correcting the beatgrid of tracks. Search for samples by BPM, genre, style, and key. A password will be e-mailed tfaktor you. Timing is everything, as they say. From sweeping filters to dubbed-out delays: Trigger one-shot sounds and samples to inject new energy into your mix.

They also mean more fun getting hands-on with your music. Trigger loops for extended traltor, track manipulation, and re-edits.