Turn the dial counterclockwise to feed out any misfed documents, and then carefully pull out the docu- ments. Page Before loading envelopes, press them down to make sure that all air is removed, and make sure that the folds of the flaps are firmly pressed, otherwise the envelopes may become wrinkled or a paper misfeed may occur. The stored job appears in the Active Jobs list and is printed. To return the control panel to the up- per position, pull the control panel release lever toward you, and then pull up on the control panel. The following procedures describe how to specify the density settings.

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When “please Replace Following Unit s. Copying begins with the recalled copy settings. When loading postcards, load them in the w orientation, as shown in the illustration. The stored copy, print scanning, and fax jobs can be accessed with maximum security.

For details, refer to the Net- work Scanner Operations of the user manual. Set this parameter to adjust the level of blue in the image, for example, if you wish to emphasize the blue of water or the sky. To clear a paper misfeed in finisher FS Slide the finisher away from the ma- chine. The al- lowable range differs depending on the paper sizes. Touch [Print Position], and then select the printing position.

Last Drivers  FUJICOM FJ-2230 DRIVER

Select whether messages are displayed for 3 seconds or for 5 sec- onds. Document exit tray support d-Color MF Replace the paper with paper that is not damp. Open upper cover FN1.

Select the setting for the type of used paper that is loaded. Page – To copy using the “Booklet Pagination” f Note To print on overhead projector transparencies and envelopes, use the by- pass tray or the 1st tray.

Full color copiers for daily use, Olivetti d-Color MF25

Automatically Conserving Energy low Power Mode The Low Power mode can also be canceled by pressing any key in the control panel or by touching the touch panel.

Repeating copy images A document image can be repeatedly printed on a single sheet of paper. The following procedure describes how to specify the setting for automati- cally detecting the paper loaded into the 1st tray.

Feeds out printed d-coor when job separator JS- is installed onto finisher FS Job separator cover Opened when clearing paper mf5 within the job separator See p.

Toner cartridges, drums and toner waste bins for Olivetti D-Color

Note If the touch panel cannot be adjusted, contact the technical representa- tive. Page 40 This parameter can be used to finely adjust the vividness of the image to one of 19 levels. To not erase the area along the center, touch [No]. Touch [Total Allowance] or [Individual Allowance]. Touch the button for the appropriate zoom ratio according to the doc- ument and paper sizes. Clearing A Staple Jam Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying waste containers Clearing a staple jam If a staple jam occurs in the finisher, the message shown below appears.


Download drivers | Olivetti SPA

Guide Turn the dial to feed out any misfed documents, and then carefully pull out the documents. Part Name Description Original cover pad Presses down on the loaded document to keep it in place Automatic duplex unit Turns over the paper for double-sided printing d-Color MF Page – To copy using the “Image Repeat” functio The maximum power of the laser diode is 10 mW and the wavelength is nm.

Page Each time [Light] or [Dark] is touched, the density is lightened or darkened by one level. Page Check the printed image, and finish the adjustment if there are no flaws.

Page – Documents that can be placed on the orig Can the specified settings for a copy program be checked? Page Do not load so many sheets of paper that the top of the stack is higher than themark.