Page 37 France Some areas of France have a restricted frequency band. The keyboard will power off when the cover is closed and the Bluetooth connection will be lost. All I get is the message “no devices found. I’ve done this as have several others. Tap Disable to turn off access to all keyboards. Here’s the specific steps that worked for me:

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So it looks, to me anyway, that it is just a regular bluetooth keyboard with maybe some special printing on some of the keys associated with smartphones. I’d try repairing again, it should work for you. Stowaway from the PDA era.

iGo Think Outside Stowaway Ultra-slim Keyboard Xtbt01

By default the Secure box is checked in the driver and is the recommended method, as it provides the best security and reconnection. One person states that he prefers this Sonoma model than Sierra.

Despite a high degree of reliability, the Bluetooth connection could break for many reasons: Ditto on the sticker annoyance. Secured Ibo The following section deals strictly with Secure Connections.

Tap “Scan” on the phone. I can see that they haven’t shipped it, so I can xtnt01 if someone will confirm that this one specifically doesn’t work with the N Tap on “Think Outside Keyboard” and the phone will display a “Bluetooth pairing request” window asking to enter a number given in the message on the screen.


Both work great in both OS and OS Xtnt01 couple office gifts Both paired with ns with both card ig filled and OS Page of 38 Go. When I went to scan for Bluetooth devices on my S2 and chose connect to keyboard, it prompted me for a pin but didn’t give me an input box or onscreen keyboard.

To enable the Stowaway keyboard, tap the Enable button on the Config screen of the keyboard application. Disabling the Stowaway Keyboard When the Stowaway keyboard is no longer needed, the keyboard driver may be disabled by tapping the Disable button on the BT or Config page.

Here’s the specific steps that worked for me: From my readings, both models work. I’m sure this is posted somewhere, ifo havent found it yet.

iGo Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard XTBT01 Smartphone iPhone | eBay

Use the left and right arrow keys to highlight the Tool bar item you want. All you have to do is reopen the keyboard or hit the space bar and ito status goes back to “Connected”. I have seen some posts on here that some users have luck one way and not the other.

I have tried this over and over.

Disable or uninstall any other keyboard or mouse applications that you have previously installed on your mobile device. Warranty Warranty Mobility California warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one 1 year from the date of original retail purchase.


Anybody figure out if and how you could program the Blue Fn functions on the letter keys eg: The keycaps do come off easily enough at least mine dobut the problem is that merely switching Y and Z keys to give but one example is not enough by a long stretch.

If several Stowaway keyboards happen to be nearby and in Discoverable Mode, the scan will display all of these devices in the list.


It works Im running OS on N Igo BlueTooth Keyboard The green LED above the “T” will start blinking. For now I’m fixing it by putting little styrofoam bits on either side. It’s difficult very difficult to connect. This is the state that allows it to be detected by the mobile device.

Page 32 Wireless Regulatory Ig The Stowaway device must be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as described in the user documentation that comes with the product.