SAS cable lengths are limited to a maximum of 6 meters. The compression ratio for LTO Ultrium 7 is 2. Physical specifications Model L5B: Plant or Field Path Failover This optional feature provides automatic control path failover and data path failover for tape drives in the TS Tape Library. There are 3, data tracks in Ultrium 7 versus 2, data tracks in Ultrium 6. The Ultrium 7 Tape Drive power management function is designed to control the drive electronics to be either completely turned off or in low-power mode when the circuit functions are not needed for drive operation.

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With an independent loader motor coupled with the positive pin retention, the tape threads with a higher level of reliability. The new processors will go with Vishera codename and will be built on the improved Piledriver architecture.

As your business grows, the purchase of a capacity on demand key allows you to enable the second half of the model E9U storage cells. This autonomic self-optimizing capability is called load balancing.

It includes a terminator and one 0. Ultrium 3 cartridge compatibility – The Ultrium 4 Tape Drive can read and write Ultrium 3 cartridges. The drivers may be downloaded from the following Web site: Tape cartridge physical capacity is up to 1.


The tape itself is an advanced metal particle tape developed for durability and capacity. It will also help identify drive resources that are not being fully utilized and provide information necessary to determine if additional drives are necessary.

If the Additional Power Supply feature is ordered, totalsotrage two power cords will be supplied based on the power cord feature ordered. IBM’s patented Multi-Path Architecture for single or multiserver attachment of homogeneous or heterogeneous systems or applications Optional path failover function for both control paths and data paths Standard bar code reader and remote management unit Capacity on demand expansion units Support for a local user interface UI consisting totalstorzge a color touchscreen Free-standing library or with optional rack mounting in an industry- standard inch rack Support for encryption management methods for LTO Ultrium 5 and Ultrium 4: The Media Integrity Report can help you measure and evaluate media and drive performance in the library.


Mutually exclusive with feature number The control path failover is designed to provide automatic control path failover to a pre-configured redundant control path in the event of a loss of a host ibm totalstorage modular tape library or control path drive, without aborting the current job in progress. Application managed and library managed library managed encryption management is available through theLTO Library Managed Encryption feature IBM-patented Multi-Path Architecture with logical library support for single or multiserver attachment of homogeneous or heterogeneous systems or applications Optional path failover for both control paths and data paths Capacity on Demand growth options in its expansion modules Local user interface support with a color touchscreen Stand-alone free-standing library or optional rack mounting txpe an industry-standard inch rack The TS Tape Library is an excellent choice, totqlstorage you are: The compression ratio for LTO Ultrium 7 is 2.

IBM Tape Library Base TS3310

You can partition the library into as many logical libraries as there are drives in the library. This can provide flexibility in SAN configuration, availability, and management. Refer to the Specify or Special Features section of the Sales Manual for a detailed description of the above features. Add to your favorites.

This optional feature provides automatic control path failover to a preconfigured redundant control path in the event of a loss of a host adapter or control path drive, without aborting librry current job in progress. One SCSI differential terminator and 0. SARS uses the cartridge performance history saved libarry the Cartridge Memory module and the drive performance history lobrary in the drive flash to help determine the most likely cause of failure. Africa Both 2.


This is achieved by increasing the lineardensity, and track density. IBM maintains the latest levels of System Storage tape drive and library device drivers and documentation on the Internet. IBM’s patented “Scheme-Swapping” compression is designed to look ahead at incoming data, and determines the most efficient storage method either ALDC or pass-thru mode to help provide optimal data compression and increased data throughput.

This helps reduce the number of backhitch repositions and improve throughput performance. This capability is ordered with the following feature: Data tracks are written 32 at a time.

libraey Track following skew actuator supports flangeless tape guide rollers and dynamic skew to enable the head to follow skew tape motion and improve linear actuation. Capacity on demand The Capacity Expansion featureordered against the TS Model L5B base library, allows a user customer to enable the unused storage slots within an expansion library via a firmware license key.

Dynamic amplitude asymmetry compensation – This is designed to optimize readback signals for linear readback response from MR read head transducers. Additional copies will be made totalztorage.

Utilize the Fix Central download portal by accessing the following Web site http: