Indeed, the PostScript language itself was concurrently enhanced and extended to support these high-resolution “banding” devices as contrasted to the lower resolution “framing” devices, such as the LaserWriter, in which the entire “frame” could be contained within the available RAM. Vintage Mac Museum Blog. November 13, at Building on the success of the original LaserWriter, Apple developed many further models. The LaserWriter IIg measures

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September 23, at laserwritre Negotiations between Apple and Adobe over the use of Postscript began in and an agreement was reached in Decemberone month before Macintosh was announced. Seth November 20, at Into address the need for both an affordable printer and a professional printer, the LaserWriter II was designed to allow for complete replacement of the computer circuit board that operates the printer.

Comes with all cables and trays.

Apple LaserWriter II Printer IINT IINTX IIF IIG – Apple Rescue of Denver

Please call if you can help on I was offered a kit, where one drilled a hole in the cartridge and filled it with powder from a flask.

Ask a question Reset. July 23, at 7: This puppy reliably printed anything I threw at it: It was one of the first laser printers available to the mass market. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They all met their sad lasedwriter as electronics recycling.


Since I havent found a way to print to it from my OS 9. I cleaned the rubber portion with Goof Off and it seemed ready to go.

Frustrating, as it had worked fine just a few weeks before. A few months ago one such query came from a fellow with a few old Mac drives, several piles of software on floppy disks, and one laaerwriter behemoth called the Apple LaserWriter IIg.

LaserWriter – Wikipedia

The LaserWriter was the first major printer designed by Apple to use the new Snow White design language created by Frogdesign. Laserwruter 4, at 3: While competing printers xpple their associated control languages offered some of the capabilities of PostScript, they were limited in their ability to reproduce free-form layouts as a desktop publishing application might produceuse outline fontsor offer the level of detail and control over the page layout.

I’d prefer not to do a logic board upgrade on it at the moment. It is slowly clearing some streaking on the pages getting better with each use but I am having driver problems just using a generic postscript driver.


Post note; they need to be in working order and I need to be able to purchase the period correct paper that works with them also. Lsserwriter also continued a departure from the beige color that characterized the Apple and Macintosh products to that time by using the same brighter, creamy off-white color first introduced with the Apple IIc and Apple Scribe Printer 8 months earlier.


Electronic printing and publishing: Twenty years after it was manufactured the thing still worked, albeit with a few creaks and groans. Vintage Mac Museum Blog.

Apple LaserWriter II Printer IINT IINTX IIF IIG

Currently using it with iMac on OS To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. September 23, at 5: Paired with the program Aldus PageMakerthe LaserWriter gave the layout editor an exact replica of the printed page.

I declined… Also, I started having trouble with the paper feed. August 12, at 4: Lsaerwriter common solution was the 3rd party PhoneNet which used conventional telephone cables for networking.

The LaserWriter was, thereby, in the same form factor for its RIPable to provide much greater function, and, indeed, much greater performance, all within the very same LBP-CX form factor, although the external packaging was, for marketing purposes, somewhat different.

February 26, at 3: In most cases, such RAM was fixed in size and was soldered to the logic board.