For orders of 50 units or more , please contact us. The general call is not treated specially in the Aardvark I 2 C master. The switch to a more direct USB driver should improve the installation and performance of PC and Aardvark adapter communication. The Aardvark OEM adapters have a subset of these features. A slave can receive messages asynchronously with respect to the host PC software. Recall that, like all other Aardvark functions, this function is not thread-safe.

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The AardvarkExt structure is described below: Read a stream of bytes from the I 2 C slave device.

The Aardvark adapter is designed so that its internal firmware can be upgraded by the user, thereby allowing the inclusion of any performance enhancements or critical fixes available after the purchase of the device. The sequence of events are i2c/spu follows:.

Set the I 2 C bitrate in kilohertz.

The topmost bits are ignored. Additionally, the flags argument can be used to specify a sized read operation. Each DLL revision is tagged as being compatible with firmware revisions greater than or equal to a certain version number.

Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

The SPI signaling is characterized by the waveforms in Figures 7 and 8. Any line that is logic i2c/zpi will have a its corresponding bit active. Disable the Aardvark adapter as an I 2 C slave device. Consequently, any SPI slave target to which the Aardvark adapter is interfaced must have a pull-up resistor on its slave select line, preventing fluttering of the voltage when the Aardvark adapter stops driving the signal.


The only differences will be found in the calling convention of the functions. There can be extra overhead introduced by the operating system between calls to the Aardvark API.

The structure is zeroed before the open is attempted.

Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter User Manual – Total Phase

The function will block for the specified timeout. As of version 3. Pedro Gelabert Pedro Gelabert j2c/spi profile. All of the possible error codes, along with their values and status strings, are listed following the API documentation.

Eligible Software and firmware upgrades are always freely available in the Downloads section of this website. Request that no stop condition is issued on the I 2 C i2c/soi after the transaction completes. License is granted to the user to freely use and distribute the software and documentation in complete and unaltered form, provided that the purpose is to use or evaluate Total Phase products.

Most of the Aardvark API functions can return a status or error code back to the caller. By default, these pins are aardvarj unconnected at the time of shipping.


Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter – Total Phase

Return number of bytes written from a previous Aardvark I 2 C slave to I 2 C master transmission with extended status information. Independent control is not supported. Bus arbitration was lost during master transaction; another master on the bus has successfully addressed this Aardvark adapters slave address. There is a limitation that a maximum of only bytes can be written in a single transaction if the bit addressing mode is used. It does not have a specific high-level protocol which means that there is almost no overhead.

If the Aardvark adapter is directly plugged into a USB host controller, it can theoretically draw up to mA total, leaving approximately mA for any downstream target.

1 General Overview

Installation of the latest available update is recommended. These are a bit-mask of the following values.

This is within the USB 1. SPI is a serial communication bus developed by Motorola. This function may be executed in any operation mode.