Getting started Community guidelines. I was left on hold for at least 10 minutes and I had to hang up. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have a problem because when I try to blank the host computer’s screen I get a message saying that logmein could not install the DPMS-enabled monitor driver. Upon return uncheck blank screen and check blank screen again, which should turn it on. Select this option if you want all keyboard and mouse actions on the client device to be processed before actions on the host. I’m using log me in to remotely connect to a computer, however, when I do so, the screen turns on its a laptop, so no chance of physically unplugging it , and if people are where the computer is, they can see what I do and even mess with the computer!

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I’ve dig through the options, but I can seem to find something to get this done. I realise this was over a year ago I was actually on the phone to logmein unstall when I came across this fix. LogMeIn will prompt you to send your saved Windows credentials with a single click. Getting started Community guidelines. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Make it easier to unlock a host when connecting via remote control. This caught me off guard the first time I realized it was happening, since Coudl was used to Remote Desktop functionality, where the computer being access gets locked and thats what I was expecting. Check with your hardware vendor if you experience problems with the DPMS driver.


Getting started Community guidelines. Prevent users from dragging and dropping files between host and client.

Unfundednut 6, 4 21 I have a problem because when I try to blank the host computer’s screen I get a message saying that logmein could not install the DPMS-enabled monitor driver.

Who can use this feature? Somewhere else someone posted this solution that works for me: Go to Device Manager, expand the Monitors tree. Any help would be much kogmein Can I update my monitor drivers online?

LogMeIn Can’t install DPMS enabled monitor driver – Fix

You have to customize your LogMeIn toolbar to get these options to appear. Sign up using Facebook. Right-click on all monitors shown and choose Uninstall. Force the host’s operating system to always lock when a remote control session is terminated. Clear this option to force anyone accessing the host to manually authenticate by entering a valid username and password.

How to install DPMS driver?

The screen isn’t just black, but completely off. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Do this for each monitor. Then scan for new hardware. You can no longer change this locally while sitting at the host computer – you can only make the change while in a Remote Control session to the host computer.


A window stating my host computer monitor is blanked pops up on my iPad yet the screen is not blank!

How to install DPMS driver? | Mxu Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Prevent anyone at the host from using the mouse or keyboard during remote control. It should find and add your monitors again. Now just log in with a remote client again I used my iphone and go to the connection settings and set it to blank the screen. This is a big problem!! How can I turn off screen isntall remote computer with LogMeIn?

For security reasons, I cannot have my screen being viewed locally. You are a life saver!! Austin ”Danger” Powers 4, 11 37