The printer device drivers and FoilFast software will not be loaded onto your computer and you should be ready to customize your documents with foil. Do not use a cable that is longer than you need. The Foilfast requires work space on the hard disk when it prints. If anything is stuck to the platen, remove it, being careful not to damage the platen. General protection fault errors can occur when there is insufficient memory for color printing or when part of the hard disk has become corrupted. Click on “Install from a list or specific location” and click ‘Next’. If you are having trouble getting the drivers for your printer installed you should contact your authorized Powis Parker dealer for assistance.

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The working space is released once printing is finished. The current version of Foilfast drives seems to work well with Windows XP but customers have reported issues trying to install the printer on Windows Vista. Recheck the printer settings in the application. Covers that fall substantially beyond these thickness ranges may damage the printer’s feeding mechanism and may void your warranty. The cover material you are using may not be compatible with the Foilfast printer.

Some applications do not support color printing. Close as many applications as possible and try again. The Foilfast printer will only accept Foilfast” premium foil cartridges.

Last Drivers  ECS FSB 1333 G31T-M7 AUDIO DRIVER

If you have the driver disk for your software you can get it ready now. The carriage will reset.

Powis Parker Foilfast Printer P21x Black Matte Foil Cartridge

If cleaning the head and the platen does not foilfasg, contact your authorized Fastback dealer for assistance. Please make sure you have installed previous versions before continuing. If a particular cartridge repeatedly causes problems, try a different cartridge. Sheets with folded or cut corners can cause problems if the sheet does not activate the position sensor and sheet length sensor properly. Open the front cover and make sure the cartridges are correctly installed.

Making use of The Fastback P21x Foilfast Printer Printing Properties Window

Printing is light, distorted, or has gaps 1. Paper is not feeding correctly or not ejecting correctly from the sheet feeder.

If you are not in a folder or subdirectory that contains the installation software, the ‘OK’ button will remained grayed out. Clear covers should really be among 6. The Hardware Wizard will notify you when it is finished installing the printer 2p1x. Printer makes strange noises when the power is turned on, and the error lights blink 1.

Frequently, direct postcard mailing services are supplied by postcard printing organizations to help other direct mail gives. With shorter uses, the life of a highlighter far outlasts that of a ballpoint pen. Open the front cover and remove all cartridges on the cartridge holder plates. Set the feed guide so that there is approximately 0. Do you have enough hard disk space? With bi-directional interfaces, operation is sometimes unreliable when using printer switching boxes or printer buffers.


Before printing make sure the printer is turned on.

Computers & Files

Also please ensure that that the frames they use will be the stretcher bars frames that are the much more experienced framed made use of for stretching your canvas print to achieve a life extended stretch otherwise you are going to threat possessing a loose canvas. This short article is designed to assist you troubleshoot some of the most typical concerns that customers face foiltast using the Fastback Foilfast printer.

However it is important to remember that all previously installed FoilFast software must be removed before installing new FoilFast software. The printer device drivers and FoilFast software will not be loaded onto your computer and you should be ready foilfadt customize your documents with foil.

Cartridge is stuck in the carriage 1. The article will provide you with several common problems and potential solutions. Even so, it really should offer you a good start off in tracking down issues together with your printer. Composition covers should be between 16 – Insert cartridges in the holders with the B side up.