Carbon Express does make a heavier arrow than the Maximas. I just switched to FMJs last week. I have shot both and while there wasn’t any difference in accuracy I think the FMJs are far superior. My uncle switched from axis to the piledrivers and he did not notice any change, but then again he is hands down the best shooter around where i live. I’ll have to try the lighter points. Multiply the grains per inch by the length. And never forget the crossbow hunting basics!

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I just got some carbon epress maxima hunters they group better than anything eastton I have ever shot. Add up the weight of the nock, insert, and vanes. I center punched a nock and the field pointed crater it out.

They both weigh between and grains finished with a g head. Shop for Bloodsport now and save at Amazon!

I switched to piledriver this year from a non-weight forward shaft. I really like them. The reason I am posting this is because these arrows are only 8.

This helps you judge where you made your shot by taking a sample of the tissue it passed through.

FMJ vs. Carbon Express –

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Any more I spend little effort on broahead tuning.

The time now is I just replaced the nock and, after a lot of inspecting, kept shooting. I may look at them over the fmj’s. IMO I think there one of the best hunting arrows on the market. Essential Aspects to Consider Materials There are three main materials that crossbow arrows are made of: If you can, buy a dozen. Shoot great, worked well on elk. Nice tight groups on broadheads at distance.

It will get you the weight you are looking for. I have never shot a piledriver, so I can’t say one way or the other.

You have entered an incorrect email address! The ideal thing that you can do before investing in a set of arrows is to do your research then buy the leading quality that you can get your hands on.

Carbon Express vs. Easton FMJ’s

Very happy with the switch. Shot the elk at 40 and the arrow went so far through I never found it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. A buddy of mine shoots the same arrow, he shoots a Shadowcat with fingers set 54 pounds, 30″ arrow with grain point and they fly like bullets. A dozen arrows can be pricey so you can do two things to spread out the cost.


I thought if anything they might be to stiff, therefore unforgiving and maybe this could be the reason I’ve not been able to shoot the tight groups with FMJs that I was able to shoot with PileDrivers.

They make all kinds of arrows but hunting arrows has been their forte for a long time. The Piledriver Crossbolt offers a huge amount of performance for a mid-market price.

Of course, they’re all release shooters. The invert seems to help out with broadhead alignment more, and accuracy down range.

The 4 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviewed & Revealed ( Hands-on Guide ) – Outdoor Empire

Although I shoot nearly every day, I’ve yet to have one bend. In a pinch, you can buy a box of 6 when you get your bow and just start practicing. Buying arrows for hunting need more consideration than simply buying target arrows.