I liked the sound, so I paid the guy and picked up the V2. Clean and open and sounds very good at low levels too. Pros – Sound, build, design, remote control, 5 year warranty. Create new account Request new password. Click here to see peter’s full review This silicon switch nets converter specs of dB channel separation, 0. I’m looking forward to read what you think about it.

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Yet it always and already had majored on organic tone density where competition played it thinner and crisper mostly. Burson Audio is an Australia based company founded in People conductot to do without a separate preamp should be well-served by the Conductor as long as you can live without a remote.

Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso 2+ headphone DAC preamp

Device was carefully packed into a double-case package, both cases having additional protective foam. The DAC is working excellent! In fairness, if you get to designing your own op-amps, you get to be proud of them.

Conspiracy theorists cry foul. We looked at the HA headphone amp in Issue 79, and the original Conductor — complete with matching Timekeeper amps in Issue When used with my Pass INTA in “Pre Out” mode with the Pass’ volume maxed, taking its preamp out the picture, I found the Conductor to be a fine preamplifier and did not notice any sonic penalties even at lower levels.


Conductor Virtuoso

With a tooth sabre on its arse, would this quality now get a resolution boot to finally catch up with ? Such matured analog chops were now to be married to hi-tech number-crunching jitter-munching silicon.

There are now a stunning steps of volume control with a new, easy-to-read display. More System Matching Feedback.

With the Pass’ volume maxed, the Burson was responsible for preamp duties and this pairing seemed to capture the best of both components. The Conductor’s variable output stage came in handy with both amps; the lowest setting mating best with the Pass while the middle position made for the best pairing with the Leben. Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions.

Not sure there’s space left for that on the mainboard, also while doing condyctor listening I’ve heard no mains hum and no hiss with none of my headphones. Clear Sound Audio Website: Bufson and hands-free talk, all-in-one! Burson Audio is proud to announce the new Conductor V2 with superior sound and more power, setting a new benchmark in the reference class bkrson. Instead we research and develop customized discrete circuits specifically to suit their applications.

For a more fairly priced comparison, the slightly less expensive Mytek StereoDSD DAC see review offered up a more relaxed presentation with a bit more birson up top and heft down low. These custom high-density transformers supply twice the power of previous Conductor products. I am very happy about this. Greatest Bits Product of the Year I’d also give the upper hand to the more expensive Vega in terms of a natural-sounding tonal palette where the Bursoj washed things out a bit in comparison.


Conductor Virtuoso – Burson Audio

The Conductor is also on the drier bkrson lending a bit of added sibilance to some voices as compared to the Mytek’s softer more rounded sound. Today is about the Conductor, the second model in the Musician Series. This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. First I had more questions: Being familiar with their prior output makes it easier to progress report on new models.

The DAC is working excellent! With a full-function preamp that includes two analog inputs, the usual digital inputs, and, with my Audio Technica ATH-W headphones, a superb-sounding headphone amp coupled with build quality to write home about, the Conductor is also a very nice package.

It will serve you seamlessly for years to come! RMAA – Frequency response